Clifton Park Primary's 25 year mystery

A PRIMARY school has called on the public to help solve the mysterious disappearance of contents from a time capsule before the school celebrates its 25th anniversary next month.

Clifton Park Primary School is celebrating 25 years since opening and has been left “dumbstruck” when the capsule was opened to check on the quality of its contents.

Greeted by an empty capsule, Principal Ric Gates has since called for any public assistance regarding the whereabouts of the precious items.

“As you can imagine, questions were flying and speculation was rife,” he said.

“Frantic searches of every nook and cranny in the school began and ex-staff and students have been contacted for information.

“Suspicions have arisen that there may have been two capsules, one for display and the other buried.”

The missing time capsule is reputed to be filled with various items from the foundation classes.

Mr Gates said some sources could remember the capsule being buried in the school’s grounds, which is surrounded by gardens and bushland, however no-one can definitely state where.

The principal said the question was now not where to look, but where to dig.

In the ensuing searches throughout the school, past pictures and video from the school’s inception were discovered and will be featured in the official celebrations on September 14.

If you have information about the time capsule or would like to attend the milestone evening, contact the 25th celebration committee by email at

See Seddon.

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