Showing Bunbury how to purchase ethically

del Pino's The Ethical Department Store will be set up at 3Ciana for a week.

del Pino's The Ethical Department Store will be set up at 3Ciana for a week.

A Bunbury pop-up store is giving retail a much needed dose of ethics with its environmental and human rights friendly range of branded products.

Angela del Pino’s Ethical Department Store curates products from across the globe including Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

The pop-up stall has been making waves at both the Bunbury and Old Coast Markets and now she’s setting up shop at 3Ciana on Victoria Street for one week to show the community what she has to offer.

Ms del Pino hopes her week in the store front will educate Bunbury’s shoppers and give them additional options when it comes to what they purchase.

“My time at the weekend markets around town has shown me Bunbury is hungry for more choice when it comes to what they buy,” she said.

“I’m looking to make a positive impact on the world with what I’m offering.”

Ms del Pino said she was inspired by the power business and commerce has in the world and hopes to harness that power she believes is causing detriment and aim it to reduce inhumane working conditions.

“I studied community development and business and I want to use that to support my fair trade and human rights values,” she said.

In an ideal world, Ms del Pino would like to see a system imposed similar to nutritional facts on food that tell consumers where their purchase came from and how it was made.

“I’d like to see it made compulsory for reports to be released about how much companies pay their employees and what kind of impact their products are making,” she said.

“As consumers we have the right to know what we’re spending our money on.”

Angela del Pino will be in 3Ciana with her ethical store from Monday, February 20 to Sunday, February 26.

More information about del Pino’s Ethical Department Store can be found at

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