Human bones uncovered in Nannup

HUMAN bones have been uncovered at a station property near the town of Nannup in the state's South West region.

Police have confirmed the remains are human and suspected of being male but it is unclear how old they are at this stage, but early reports suggest they have been there for some time.

Officers from the major crime unit, South West detectives and forensic team are attending the scene to examine the bones, which were discovered just before 4pm on Tuesday.

Sergeant Naomi Smith said the female caretaker of the Grange Road property, where horses are kept, found the bones in a shallow grave after the grass on the property had receded.

Sergeant Smith said the woman told police she had never seen the bones before.

Nannup was thrown into the spotlight following the mysterious disappearance of a young family and their male lodger.

Nannup mother Chantelle McDougall, 30, and her six-year-old daughter Leela went missing in October 2007, together with Ms McDougall's partner Gary Feldman, 45, and friend Antonio Popic, 40.

Mr Feldman was only ever known in Australia as Simon Kadwell, a false alias he picked up from England before emigrating in 2000. He was also Leela's father.

Since their disappearance, he has been linked to a sect based on a doomsday book called Servers of the Divine Plan, which calls on "servers" to take up their positions on Earth before the world's imminent end and rebirth.

The family and their lodger, Mr Popic, who lived in a caravan on their South-West property, mysteriously vanished, leaving behind wallets, credit cards and dirty plates on the table.

The last suspected sighting was at a Busselton car yard north of Nannup heading towards Perth, where Ms McDougall's car was sold for $4000. The money to this day remains untouched in her bank account.

Ms McDougall's parents, Jim and Cathy McDougall, have not given up hope of finding their daughter and granddaughter safe and well, but remain convinced it was Mr Feldman who persuaded them to disappear.

The matter has perplexed police, with the Australian Federal Police trying to re-ignite new leads into the case by giving the mystery international exposure last year through the global missing children network, which has 19 member countries.

Scotland Yard and US authorities have also been notified about the missing family, with AFP Missing Persons Co-ordination Centre team leader Rebecca Kotz saying: "This case is so baffling to police because there are no leads."

WA police are expected to go through missing person files for the region as part of the investigation, however they have downplayed a possible link to either Mr Popic or Mr Feldman.

"There's nothing to suggest that's it related at this stage," Sergeant Smith said.