Don't get caught in the jaws of the law: Bunbury police

YOU can run but you cannot hide from Bunbury Police Canine unit. 

Police dog Geoffrey has proved his worth with assisting nine arrests in four months since arriving in Bunbury last year. 

The German Shepherd has bitten two offenders on the job, one who tried to hit the dog and another who attacked a police officer.  

The first bite occurred in February when a 20 year old Eaton man was trespassing in a backyard. 

The Canine unit dog handler was dispatched to find the offender hiding in nearby bushes.

Police said the man tried to punch the dog who had located him and was barking to alert police. 

Geoffrey responded by biting the man’s wrist and dragging him out of the bushes where he was arrested by police. 

The second bite occurred last month when a man who was involved in a domestic incident in Eaton resisted arrest. 

The offender tackled a police officer and Geoffrey was used for the officer’s protection.

Geoffrey bit the offender on the hip forcing him to let go of the officer. 

Dog handler Constable Jake Carruthers said Geoffrey was statistically performing well against the metro dogs considering the South West was a much smaller region. 

“Having Geoffrey means there is an added police presence in Bunbury,” Constable Carruthers said. 

“Because we are a response unit, I am not tied up on jobs which mean we can be first on the scene if there is an armed robbery or domestic incident.” 

Constable Carruthers said he had one warning for offenders who broke the law. 

“If you do something wrong, Geoffrey will be at your heels.”

New police dog, german shepherd Geoffrey.

New police dog, german shepherd Geoffrey.


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