Comedy legend Joe Avati to serve up the laughs at Barbados Lounge Bar

Comedy legend Joe Avati to serve up the laughs at Barbados Lounge Bar

COMEDY: There’s no mistaking the Italian culture – if you’re not Italian yourself, you will know Italian families and the fiercely protected traditions that come with the territory, from table-busting dinners at Nonna’s to days spent perfecting the homemade sausage and sauce. 

The proud culture is certainly something to be celebrated and leaves plenty of room for humour – that’s where internationally renowned stand-up comedian Joe Avati comes in. 

Touted as the world’s number one selling bilingual comedian, Avati has a cult following which sees him trekking across the globe performing sell-out shows in the UK, USA and Canada. 

He is one of Australia’s top comedy exports sitting just behind Kath and Kim, Chris Lilley and Barry Humphries. 

Avati has performed at Bunbury’s South West Italian Club several times in his 14 year career but will be gracing the stage at Barbados Lounge Bar on November 27. 

The funnyman has a dig at the modern Italian in Australia and will swing between English and Italian, but he assures us that everyone will appreciate the humour. 

“Sometimes I have to tell a joke in Italian because it doesn’t translate, but I’m very visual on stage so you can usually work out what I’m getting at,” Avati said. 

“I get a feel for the audience and I tell how many Italians are there, then I decide on the mix between English and Italian.”

Avati has been dubbed “the biggest comedian you’ve never heard of,”  cleverly staying under the radar and sidestepping the limelight.  

He has managed to do so while still being one of the biggest draw cards in comedy around the world today. 

Most of us are familiar with the typical Italian customs but Avati said his show has evolved. 

“It’s not so much joking about the old Italian stereotypes with concrete in the backyard but about what’s happening now with the modern Italian,” he said.  

“For example, I’m single and I’m on Facebook and so is my mum so you’ve got her commenting on there ‘I don’t-a like-a this girl.’

“You can’t stick with the old jokes, you have to be constantly evolving otherwise your act gets stale – it’s still old school but with a new modern take.”

Good comedians are infamous for offending at least some members of their audience and Atavi has had his fair share of disapproving glares. 

But he said it’s usually the Aussies that get their nose out of joint, not the Italians. 

“They say ‘you shouldn’t be saying that’, it’s like they feel like they need to be offended on behalf of the Italians,” Atavi said. 

“I’ve addressed the issue and reminded them that I’m not actually mocking the Italian culture, I’m celebrating it and imitating it – imitation is the greatest form of flattery.”

To secure your tickets for the November 27, contact 9791 6555. 

- By Shanelle Miller. 


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