Margaret River Gourmet Escape 2014 Friday November 21

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THE Mail went to the Gourmet trivia Quiz on Friday, November 21 with absolutely no faith in their food knowledge abilities.

With this in mind, we headed down to the Margaret River Cultural Centre thinking we would be the table baggage.

Despite this assumption being completely accurate, a fun night was seen to be instantly in the making.

Wandering in, it was a matter of just grabbing any spare seats available to make up your team.

Although this caused confusion for many, for the Mail it added to the fun as we plonked ourselves among a group of people who had all just met.

Accolades goes to the teams who thought ahead and prepared cheeseboards and hot food, jealousy from our table could be felt by all those nearby.

After creating a compulsory pun filled table name, the quiz kicked into action with the crowd ecstatic at the arrival of quiz masters Matt Preston and Adrian Gill.

The two were quite a pair, creating humour and a light, fun mood for all throughout the proceedings.

The arrival of a panel of celebrity chefs sent the crowd into a star struck frenzy with the likes of Heston Blumenthal, Rick Stein, Claire Smith, Matt Stone, Matt Wilkinson, Sat Bains and many more all making up their own teams for the event.

The rowdiness of the onstage chefs was hilarious, as they showed competitiveness among each other in the fight to be named the most knowledgable chefs.

A particular highlight for the Mail was the enthusiasm of Team Red, where they body bumped each other after answering correctly, sending Matt Stone flying to the floor.

Answering food and wine questions, queries about the chef's personal lives, building pasta towers and interactive heads and tails games saw the entire room involved from the get go.

The night flew by with all participants eagerly awaiting their chance to compete again next year.

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