OPINION: Early morning shopping an interesting experience

REEVE'S RAVE: A few years ago John Mayer had a song called No Such Thing where he sang “I want to run through the halls of my high school, I want to scream at the top of my lungs”, that’s how I felt at 4 o’clock Monday morning when we visited the 24 hour K Mart at Eaton Fair.

It’s the same sort of feeling when you’re in a library trying desperately not to let out a particularly noisy flatulent episode. Should I? Shouldn’t I? Maybe I won’t.

On our entrance the security guards looked bemused by 3 dapper gents, two in Australian flag onesies, armed with camera and recorders eager to chat about shopping after midnight.

Voices were kept hushed for some reason as we wandered around the store looking for signs of life, and people prepared to spend their Christmas dollars in the wee small hours.

Problem was, we were it! We missed another couple by just 30 minutes, not sure what they were after, and I hope they got it.

I don’t know if the whole 24 hour shopping thing (need new undies at 3AM, good luck to you!) is going to work, especially in the winter months when I have seen the south west hibernate until about half past September, but I do know there are plenty of advantages.

Think about it, no driving around and around looking for a parking spot, no queues at the check out counters, more than likely no kids screaming, begging for a treat and not many people to hear when the call goes out to price check women’s underwear !  Bliss.

Imagine the excitement of finding your size hanging on the newly re stocked shelves, and how happy are you going to be when your cork screw carks it half way through the barby and you can go and get another one! Now.

Already the nay sayers and knockers are out and about but I say chewy on your boot. We are not a small country centre any more and the growth expected in the future is enormous.  With that comes a lot of change, including the major changes to people’s work hours in this area.

Apart from that, where else are you going to buy a new cork screw at 2 in the morning?


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