Fatality Free Friday urges WA motorists to stay safe

Drivers across Australia are being urged to make May 29 Fatality Free Friday.
Drivers across Australia are being urged to make May 29 Fatality Free Friday.

MOTORISTS across Western Australia are being urged to take extra care on the roads this Fatality Free Friday. 

An initiative of the Australian Road Safety Foundation, Fatality Free Friday is the country's largest community road safety day. 

The day aims to encourage each and every road user to understand the role they play in preventing fatal and serious crashes. 

Held on the last Friday in May, Fatality Free Friday encourages extra vigilance on our roads and implores motorists to make a pledge to themselves, their family and friends to take care on their journey. 

In WA last year 184 people died on the road including 102 in regional areas. 

Foundation chief executive officer Russell White said the most effective way to reduce this number is for individual road users to take more responsibility for their actions. 

"It is drivers themselves who are the key to zero fatalities on the road," he said. 

“It only takes one split second of distraction, creeping ever so slightly above the speed limit or travelling a little bit too closely to another road user and the consequence can be the loss of a human life."

Mr White said while the initiative took place just one day a year, drivers should commit to making safe choices for themselves and others around them every time they step into their car.

“The principles of safe driving should apply every day of the year, not just today,” he said.

Road Users are encouraged to make the road safety pledge by visiting fatalityfreefriday.com  

► Remind your family, friends and workmates to take extra care on the roads

► Put your lights on for safety

► Be mindful to drive safely and follow the road rules

► Not speed and will not drink and drive

► Take care at level crossings

► Slow down in the wet and drive to suit the conditions

► Not tailgate other drivers and you will look as far ahead as possible

► Wear your seatbelt

► Not use your mobile phone while driving

► Set a good example to your passengers by driving calmly and safely 

► Take care as a pedestrian when crossing the road or street