Waroona smoke cloud detected on weather radar

THE plume of smoke from the Waroona fire has now stretched to Busselton with radar images from the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) showing the shear size of the smoke cloud.

A BOM spokesperson confirmed the image on the radar was from the Waroona fire.

The spokesperson said the radar bounces back anything big enough including ash and smoke and not just rain clouds.

Cruise ship passengers arriving in Busselton on Thursday were greeted with an eerie black sky. 

Smoke from the bushfire emergency in Waroona has now travelled more than 120 kilometres to rest ominously above the town. 

Large streaks of brown and black hovered over a number of iconic landmarks including Busselton Jetty where passengers from The Sun Princess were the first to use the new marine berthing facility. 

See the radar images at bom.gov.au/products/IDR703.loop.shtml

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