Magic happens at Top of the Stairs Puppets

Glen Perks with his puppets.

Glen Perks with his puppets.

PUPPET SHOW: After being inspired by British Chef Marco Pierre White at last year’s Gourmet Escape in Margaret River, Australind man Glen Perks decided it was time he followed his dreams. 

Perks had always wanted to have his own puppet company but his full time job at Worsley Alumina and having a family had distracted him from pursuing his love of puppets.  

But nine weeks ago, Perks started Top of the Stairs Puppets in his home where he builds, from scratch, all his puppets and writes his own scripts. 

“I have been building puppets for two years and now have 30 puppets that are ready to be shown,” he said.

“I love creating and experimenting with an idea and letting my imagination create the puppets.” 

So far Perks has done one puppet show for his daughter’s birthday party and is looking forward to having regular parties to entertain both adults and children. 

He said that children loved puppets and they could be used in an education setting. 

Everyone interprets a show differently and Perks will tailor make a show for a variety of themes, he said.

Workshops, school classes and theatre shows are just a few of the places he wants to take his puppets. 

“Puppets can be used in many different settings and it’s amazing how they can capture the attention of both adults and children for long periods of time,” Perks said.

“The voice of the puppet comes as soon as the puppet goes on, like a costume, it transforms you.”

To book a party or find out more visit his Facebook page at Top of the Stairs Puppets.