Bunbury doctor completes Australia crossing in single propeller aeroplane

Bunbury Aero Club member Michael Comparti fulfilled some long held aspirations last week when he collected his newly acquired single propeller aeroplane from Queensland and flew it back to it’s new home at Bunbury Regional Airport. 

Not long after completing his recreational pilot licence through the club, the local GP decided to take his new plane on an adventure. 

Dr Comparti said as he approaches 60, he has started to think about new challenges he is yet to undertake. 

“Having become pretty good at what I already do I started to wonder if I could learn something new,” he said. 

“It suddenly seemed obvious – where else in the world could I learn to fly, just seven minutes from home.

“Bunbury Aero Club has guided me through the learning process and helped me become involved in a whole new way of life through the club and its members.

“Now for less than the price of a caravan and a four-wheel drive, I suddenly own a plane.” 

Aero Club chief pilot Alex Karatamoglou kindly offered to help Dr Comparti bring the plan home from Brisbane. 

“We set off from Brisbane and with the weather against us, we needed to fly low to avoid the winds,” Dr Comparti said. 

“Nothing can compare you for the job of flying at between 500 and 2000 feet across the whole of Australia and judging the wind strength by whether the trucks were faster or slower than you across the Nullabor is a buzz.

“The scenery at low altitude, for me, was the biggest adrenaline rush since seeing a baby born and now the next challenge is to get my wife Alison aboard.”

To get the plane home, Dr Comparti and Mr Karatamoglou travelled to Goondiwindi, Bourke, Broken Hill, Port Augusta, Ceduna, Nullarbor Motel, Caiguna and Esperance before touching down in Bunbury. 

Established in 1963, Bunbury Aero Club is the largest aero club and flight training centre in regional Western Australia and have a number of highly qualified instructors who can teach anyone to fly. 

For more information about the club or to book a lesson contact 9725 4377.