Bunbury X5 academy open new premises

Bunbury’s X5 academy have launched their new premises for the final term of the school year. 

Just over a year ago the team of parkour enthusiasts had 30 students on their books which has grown to more than 275 students. 

The rapid increase in students has led the X5 Academy to create a new gym tailored to parkour at unit 2, 8c Picton Road, Bunbury. 

A post on the X5 Academy Facebook page thanked their new students for helping to make the new premises a reality. 

“We have come so far in such a short time and we have our students to thank for it,” the post said. 

“Our new home brings with it our professional team of coaches and staff.

“We look forward to teaching the new generation of parkour athletes here at the new X5 acadmey.”

Since starting in 2011, the X5 team have gone from strength to strength and have been praised for helping to create a vibrant parkout scene in Western Australia. 

The new space was built from scratch in just two weeks and includes a dedicated tricking area, hanging bars and a foam pit.

For more information or to register for a class visit x5-academy.myshopify.com.