Bunbury to get crazy with super musicians

Otto and Astrid from Die Roten Punkte are keen to bring their rock music lifestyle to Bunbury.
Otto and Astrid from Die Roten Punkte are keen to bring their rock music lifestyle to Bunbury.

The self-deprecating and dry musical humour of kinda-German brother sister band Die Roten Punkte is coming to Bunbury to confuse and crack up audiences with their unique style of performing. 

Die Roten Punkte’s Otto and Astrid have been compared to Spinal Tap and Flight of the Conchords for their parody of the pop musician lifestyle. 

Aside from the duo’s obvious comedy roots, Otto and Astrid insist their status as serious rock musicians is unquestionable and can’t understand the laughter they get from the performances.

“We have always been a serious rock band, we’re about rock and roll and making music, I don’t understand why people laugh when we’re on stage,” said Astrid.

“We write songs about what’s important, for example the first song we play is called Rock and Roll Monster, it’s about a monster that eats all the rock and roll and explodes.

“Because sometimes when we hear music it’s so good our brain’s just explode.”

Otto said for as long as they can remember they were playing music.

“I can remember Astrid using pots and pans as a drum set,” he said.

The pair’s musical career has been influenced greatly by their childhood when on the way to the zoo for Astrid’s 12th birthday their parents were killed horribly by a train according to Astrid but Otto is sure it was a lion.

“That’s were our name comes from, Die Roten Punkte is The Red Dot in English, and the blood from our parents landed in dots,” Astrid said.

“Also in English it sounds like Die Rotten Punk, which is pretty cool too.”

Music aside Otto and Astrid said they were thrilled to be visiting Bunbury and couldn’t wait to swim in our world class beaches.

"I’ll make sure to go swimming with Otto so there’s less chance I’ll be eaten by a shark,” Astrid said.

Die Roten Punkte will be in Bunbury on October 28, for tickets visit bunburyentertainment.com