Christmas decor tips for 2016 with The Block’s Ebony Haythornthwaite

Rose Quartz pink is a hot trend for Christmas 2016, especially when paired with Serenity blue and copper. Photo: iStock.
Rose Quartz pink is a hot trend for Christmas 2016, especially when paired with Serenity blue and copper. Photo: iStock.

Decking the halls with boughs of holly may work for traditional Christmas decor but for the high-style interiors lover that doesn’t always cut it.  

Just like couches, flooring and wall colours, Christmas decorations go through trends just like any other design element.  

And according to Busselton local and The Block’s Ebony Haythornthwaite it’s not that unusual for people to coordinate their trees with the yearly trends. So what’s trending this year? 

Ebony Haythornthwaite.

Ebony Haythornthwaite.

Rose Quartz, Copper and Blue

That’s right, Pantone’s colours of the year influence Christmas just as much they do any other element of design. 

Rose Quartz pink and Serenity blue have been popping up everywhere – from crop tops to pillows – and you may have even noticed them in the Christmas isle at the local shops.

Pairing that with copper or brushed brass and Haythornwaite said it adds an element of luxe to the decor. 

“Traditionally you have the tinsel and the garlands, and it’s all really big,” she said. 

“I think what I’ve noticed is that it’s a little bit more paired back and simple and people are going for almost a vintage luxe feel with the brushed brass or copper.

“It’s a soft approach to the traditional colours and it’s a really pretty combination to use.”

Black, Brass and Marble

Pink a little too out there or feminine? Well Haythornwaite has an answer for that as well. 

Pairing the copper with black and marble can bring Christmas decor into the 21st century. 

“Marble has made a big come back in recent years so I think we’ll see a lot of that in our Christmas decorations as well,” she said. 

“So instead of the traditional glass or ceramic ornaments there will be some marble or even brass ornaments instead.”

DIY Christmas

“I think a lot of people are inspired by renovations shows and channels like 9Life and wherever they get a chance to do DIY, it’s proving to be very popular at the moment,”

“I get a lot of people – particular if they’re in a small property or an apartment –  who aren’t using the standard trees anymore.

“They want a Christmas feel but may not have the space so you can do a makeshift tree by using timber or twigs.

“I think that’s really a trend at the moment, and people tend to not only buy pieces but will also DIY creations as well. 

“Or they may have little homemade lanterns, or candles in a jar.”

Table decor

When it comes to the table, it’s all about keeping it crisp and clean. Even if you’re not serving Christmas dinner on the table, less is more. For those opting for the black, marble and brass, Haythornwaite suggested using a crisp white table cloth, and mixing up the crockery.

“If it was the rose quartz, copper and the blue, put out some copper candle holders; ruch some blush fabric down the middle of the table and then have something simple like pale blue flowers,” she aid. 


Despite what one might think, swapping in a new Christmas trend doesn’t need to break the bank. 

Haythornwaite said it’s all about layering and choosing which hero pieces you want to carry out your chosen theme. 

The interior designer also suggests going to places like Kmart and Target to get some of the filler items such as simple Christmas baubles in your chosen colour, and leave places like West Elm and smaller, local boutiques for the big ticket items which create the wow factor. 

“You can make a real difference by just buying a few pieces and layering is a big term in styling, where you just layer up a couple of different pieces and it gives the illusion that you’ve gone out and spent all this money on  new products,” she said. 

“In reality you’ve actually just rearranged things, collected little bits and you have a mix of items you’ve purchased, items you’ve reclaimed and pre-loved items as well.

“Christmas decorations on the tree is a good way to add a bit of colour and you can never go wrong with beautiful soft LED fairy lights as well in the home.

“It creates a bit of a mood and obviously in Australia we don’t have snow so it's another way to get that atmosphere.”