Bunbury Aero Club step back in time

The recent nice weather was the perfect backdrop to welcome a large squadron of planes to the Bunbury Aero Club’s Christmas breakfast. 

Among the planes paying Bunbury a visit were the de Havilland Chipmunks – a post-war military training plane used primarily by the British and Canadian Royal Air Forces. 

The first Chipmunk prototype was flown in 1946, and production began soon after. 

The "chippie" as it is affectionately called, is a single-engined aircraft with tailwheel configured landing gear while a bubble canopy increases visibility.

The seating is in a tandem arrangement with pilot and passenger seated behind each other. 

It has a tapered wing and a sleek fuselage that gives it the appearance of a World War II fighter.  

The Bunbury Aero Club big breakfast is held on the first Sunday of the month and gives local and regional pilots the opportunity to showcase and view varying types of unique aircraft. 

For more information, contact Bunbury Aero Club on 9725 4377.