Bunbury businessman unveils bold revitalisation plan

EXCLUSIVE: Prominent Bunbury businessman Colin Piacentini has unveiled an extensive plan for development in the city that he has prepared at a personal expense as ‘a gift for the people of Bunbury’. 

Mr Piacentini and former Bunbury Deputy Mayor Tom Dillon said they asked themselves 12 months ago what they could do to motivate and inject new life into the region. The answer, after a year of research and design, was a dramatic CBD revitalisation plan that they hope could put Bunbury on the international map. 

The pair’s vision centres around giving Bunbury’s outer harbour back to the people in an improved way. 

“A recent open day at the outer harbour had 1400 guests and it wet everyone’s appetite,” Mr Piacentini said. 

“We must invest in building a cruise ship terminal and use our beautiful beaches to bring tourists and local families alike into our town without breaking the budget.”

Another element of the bold plan includes building a train station alongside the site of the Koombana North development to encourage greater rail travel from Perth. 

Mr Piacentini said the proposal was fully costed by world-class engineering firm AECOM and would cost “significantly less” than stage one of the Transforming Bunbury’s Waterfront project.

“With private sector investment and planning approval we could start tomorrow and it would be a totally achievable project,” he said. 

Mr Piacentini has a reputation as a philanthropist, having recently installed a number of laser lights to the top of the Grand Cinemas building which light up the night skies above Bunbury. 

“The lights are for the people and it was a simple thing I could do to give Bunbury another feature that can be enjoyed for free,” he said. 

“Now Bunbury needs a salesperson with real passion and drive to tell the world where we are and what we offer.

“The planning for this project has been paid for out of my own pocket and I’m not in it for any financial gain – I’m just passionate about improving our City.”