Ames to Please: The last single girl ... and loving it

I’m a lot of things. Obviously I’m a journalist (hence the column), I’m a fan of really bad reality TV and, most recently, I became the last single girl. 

OK, I’m being slightly dramatic. Obviously there are other unattached women out there. (Let’s face it, Beyonce’s Single Ladies wouldn’t have been nearly as popular if she was just singing about me).

But, after going through a horrendously messy break-up a few months ago I am now the only single lady in my group of friends. 

And while I could go all Bridget Jones and sit in my pajamas, drinking cheap wine and singing All By Myself at the top of my lungs, that would hardly be productive for anyone except the wine company making my $7 bottle of booze. 

At what point did that become the social norm after a break-up anyway? 

I secretly think that it’s just a protocol invented by ice-cream companies to boost sales. (Not that I ever need a reason to have a tub of double choc, cookie dough.)

It’s the first time I’ve been properly single in my 20s – how could I hate being unattached knowing that? 

I don’t need to put up with some guy’s dull friends, I don’t have someone asking me to do uninteresting activities every other day and I don’t need to justify why I want to live and/or work in a certain place based on the movements of someone else’s life. 

And don’t even get me started on the actual dating side of being single. 

Single ladies have a reason to get dressed up, flirt and engage in interesting conversation because if all goes well with the date, hook-up and/or other, it results in – my opinion – the best part of being single. The first kiss.

There’s a reason why chick flicks often leave the firework-causing, goosebump-inducing, foot-popping kiss for the final scene of the movie. It’s because the first kiss, is usually the best one. 

I’m not saying it’s all down hill from there – I’m not one of those cynical singles that thinks love is completely dead. 

But I am saying, that there is little that compares to that first spark (even if it does fizzle later that night).

And as a single lady you can have that every night if you wanted – providing you don’t care about being compared to Taylor Swift’s love life. 

But haters gonna hate ladies, and now is the time to shake it off. 

Amy Martin is a group digital journalist with Bunbury Mail.