Aussie trio's Alaskan adventures become a TV hit

Alo Baker and Jonny Hibbard have taken their travels to the small screen, turning their Alaskan adventure holiday into a TV series.

And the idea all started in Bunbury.

In his chat with The Mail, SeaFM Gold Coast Announcer Alo Baker said the trip all started over a late Friday night feed from the Bunbury Forum.

“I travelled to Alaska with my friend Jonny when we were about 23 and we loved it so much, we always said we wanted to go back,” he said.

“He was from the east coast but he came over to stay with me in Bunbury one weekend and we just sort of thought ‘let’s do it’.

“We went to the Bunbury Forum and grabbed a massive feed from Woolies and went home and planned the entire trip in the space of a weekend and from there it was all sort of born.”

The former Bunbury local said he used media connections from working in the Bunbury HitFM office to get the ball rolling.

“I reached out to the National Geographic channel just for some ideas and tips on how to do it, how to turn our trip into a TV series,” he said.

“They were totally happy to oblige, they gave me pointers and helped me in the right direction and even gave me a letter – like a permission slip to say they were vouching for us to make a show, if anyone questioned what we were doing.

“Before long, we had it all planned so we went back to the network and gave them the run down and they said they loved it and to go make it happen so we did.”

Along with camerman Gimley, the adventure/comedy series consists of six parts following the Aussie trio on their Alaskan roadtrip.

The show includes hilarious encounters with grizzly bears, Hillbilly gun-shooting and crowded American Independence Day fireworks.

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“The whole trip was memorable but anything that could’ve gone wrong, did go wrong,” he laughed.

“For example, we bought this amazing old 1996 Chevrolet typical American truck with a camper van on the back and because it was so old, it broke down more than it was actually running.

“We got stuck in the middle of nowhere and ran out of fuel but we eventually made it to a petrol station, which had, consequently, also ran out of fuel.”

Baker hopes the show will inspire viewers to travel, but also prove enough of a success in New Zealand to be picked up by an Australian network soon.

“We’re already looking at a sequel, if we can get there,” he said.

“If sponsors and the network jumps on board again, we’d love to keep going.

“We’ve tossed up ideas in regards to going back to Alaska or tripping down to Florida Keys so a complete opposite, but nothing is confirmed yet.”

The show will premiere on NZTV on Sunday, April 16. To stream the show, visit