Bunbury author making a difference

Rising Australian author and Bunbury local Stacy Morris is determined to make a difference and set a new example in Australian literature.

Her inspiring new book Notes to Self was recently made available for purchase on Amazon, written not only for local readers but with the intent to inspire readers worldwide.

Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, the 76-page book explores honest depictions of Morris’ own battles with the hope to encourage others to speak up, and also to help fight the stigma attached to mental illness.

The 22 year old said she wants it to be made very clear that it is not a ‘road to recovery’ style book.

“The book is a short poetry collection, depicting the emotional side of the human experience,” Ms Morris said.

“It confronts mental health issues and is a much needed addition to the collection of schools in their libraries.”

The young author said she started writing the book unintentionally at just 15 years old, as she struggled with her own mental illness.

Many of the poems were written in times when she felt completely consumed by depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation. She struggled to cope with the emotional and psychological demons she was facing, and felt hopeless for her future.

Ms Morris acknowledges her community’s attempt to bring light to mental illness but said it is not enough.

“It is one thing to say mental illness exists - it is another to talk about it” she said.

“I want the same respect for mental illness that other physical disorders have. I hope that talking about it more often will allow people to be more honest about their own experiences, and know that when they’re struggling it’s okay to let others know - if a conversation could save a life it is certainly worth it.

“Why is the darkness a taboo when we all feel it and why is sadness secret?”

The book is available internationally through CreateSpace.

Readers can order Notes to Self online at stacymorris.com.au