HMAS Bunbury (III) a possibility

City of Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan has expressed his intent to request the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) name a new ship HMAS Bunbury.

Mayor Brennan said he was approached by former journalist and defence … Doug Green who had been liaising with the RAN to determine if one of their new ships could be named after the port city. 

“Doug’s background work has now come to the City and there is an opportunity for that to occur,” Mayor Brennan said.

“So I’ll be writing to the Royal Australian Navy requesting that, on behalf of the City, they do name one of their new ships HMAS Bunbury.

“It’s part of our tradition, and if it happens, it will give the crew of the ship a contact and a relationship back to our city which is important. It’s a great honour for the city to be recognised that way.”

Since the early 1940’s, there has been two RAN ships named HMAS Bunbury.

The first, was commissioned in 1943, one of 60 Australian Minesweepers (corvettes) built during World War II and used as an escort vessel throughout the nation’s waters.

After 101,000 miles of travel, Bunbury’s seagoing career was bought to a close in 1946 and sold to Kinoshita (Australia) Pty Ltd for breaking up. Her ship’s bell was presented to the City of Bunbury where it is currently on display. 

HMAS Bunbury (II) was a Fremantle-class patrol boat and the Navy’s principal contribution to the nation’s fisheries protection, immigration, customs and drug law enforcement operations. She was equipped with high definition navigational radar, high and ultra high frequency communications equipment, gyro compasses and echo sounder and was well prepared for water patrol duties in the event of war.

HMAS Bunbury (II) was decommissioned in 2006 after 22 years of service, and scrapped for parts.

Mayor Brennan said he was unsure of the process from here but will do whatever is necessary to give Bunbury the best chance of succeeding with the request.

“It’ll take as long as it takes, I imagine probably a while because there’s all sorts of protocol the Navy would have,” he said.

“I don’t know if other cities are competing for this honour but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were the case. It’s a great opportunity.”

Mayor Brennan expressed his intention at a Council meeting on Tuesday night unless Councillors had any contrary objections but the matter was agreed on unanimously.