Tough Love drug seminar in Esperance

A group of passionate locals have called on the Founder of one of Australia’s strictest rehabilitation centres to teach families and drug users how to deal with the ever present problem of meth addiction.

Peter Lyndon-James, the chief executive officer of Shalom House and the author of Tough Love: Tackling drug addiction and seeing change, will lead a seminar aimed equipping families with the tools to help their loved ones overcome addiction.

Mt Lyndon-James said his method of tough love was about showing a person how to change and showing families how to bring a person to the point of wanting to change, rather than forcing them.

“I’m not going to tell you what you want to hear, I’m going to tell you what you need to hear,” he said.

“Often parents and family members think they’re doing the right thing to help their loved one in addiction, by putting a roof over their head and paying their bills, but they are in fact doing the wrong thing.

“I deal with those parents on a daily basis and it is sad to see that some of them are prolonging the inevitable by shielding their children from the consequences of their choices.”

My Lyndon-James says methamphetamine abuse is growing exponentially, but it will only get worse.

“A lot of families don’t understand drugs, they think that when they’re dealing with a family member that they are dealing with a family member,” he said.

“They’re actually not, they’re dealing with the substance.

“What they don’t understand, it doesn’t just take the person out, it actually destroys not only the family structure but generations.

“It separates husbands from their wives, children from their parents… it’s a really evil drug.”

Mr Lyndon-James said he understood the way addiction worked, having been on the other side of it for much of his life.

“I’ve stuck needles in my arms for 26 years of my life,” he said.

“I used to sell on average two and a half kilos of methamphetamines a day, and lots of guns.

“I spent much of life in prisons and institutions.”

Mr Lyndon-James’ Tough Love seminar will be held at Esperance Bay Yacht from 1pm to 5pm on Saturday, 1 July.

For further information and to RSVP email or call 0451 137 757.

This story Tough on drugs first appeared on The Esperance Express.