Don’t move, improve

Improve your quality of life by installing a stairlift.
Improve your quality of life by installing a stairlift.

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Maintaining the dignity and independence in your lifestyle well into your twilight years is one of the best ways to age gracefully. 

And what better way to maintain this than ensuring your home is equipped to your needs, providing you with a safe and accessible home life where you can relax and enjoy yourself.

But this doesn’t have to mean a time-consuming, expensive and difficult house hunt needs to begin. Instead of moving, consider improving. 

Adapting your home to suit your needs is a cost-effective and rewarding alternative to simply packing up and leaving – and it’s easier than you think.

Adding a stairlift to your home is a surprisingly straightforward way to enable easy access between the levels of your home, allowing you to stay in your home longer. 

Seniors with mobility issues often find the relief of a stairlift in their home can help alleviate joint pain and pain from arthritis, improving quality of life.

In fact, Acorn Stairlifts sell the only stairlift to be awarded the prestigious Ease-of-Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation.

Stairlifts can be installed on a range of staircases including straight and curved staircases, fitting to the stairs, not the wall, which typically means no structural changes to your home are required. 

Their quiet functionality means they are an unobtrusive way to enhance your home to fit your needs. 

Stairlifts can allow you to stay in your home longer

Stairlifts can allow you to stay in your home longer

Stairlifts can range in pricing, but cost considerations should also take into account the financial benefits of avoiding an often costly and time-consuming move. 

Simon Hughes of Acorn Stairlifts says the cost of moving may not compare to the benefits of independence and freedom that a stairlift in your home will offer. 

“Acorn Stairlifts can provide a very affordable alternative to the hassle of selling up and moving home and in many cases funding is available to assist with the cost,” he says. 

“Each stairlift is individually tailored to your specific staircase and can be fully installed from as little as $4,200.”

To determine a quote for your stairlift, a stairlift company will sending a representative to your home to conduct a feasibility study. 

This is free of charge and will also confirm requirements such as available space for your stairlift to operate comfortably. 

This is also a good opportunity for you to discuss issues such as a seated or standing platform, and height adjustability. 

You may wish to have your occupational therapist present to assist in fitting the stairlift to your needs. 

Installation can take up to six weeks through some companies, but Acorn Stairlifts offer installation in a matter of days. 

Most stairlifts come equipped with seats, armrests and footplates that fold away, and swivel seats, and also come with standard safety features like seatbelts, breaking systems and footrest sensors. 

This means peace of mind in your home as you enjoy the flexibility and independence your stairlift gives you, allowing you to stay in the home you’ve lived in and loved throughout your golden years. 

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