Mandurah’s Monster Burger no challenge for international eating champion

It’s not often Mandurah is graced by the presence of a men such as Randy “Atlas” Santel and Mitch “Magic Mitch” Dombrowski.

The duo are professional eaters: they tour the world taking part in the toughest eating challenges they can find.

Huge porterhouse steaks, 50-inch pizzas, three-kilogram tacos – they take them all on, and The Shack Burger Parlour’s Monster Burger Challenge was the latest milestone on their list.

The burger itself is 5562 calories of heart-stopping goodness – a 700g beef pattie (350g rump, 150g chuck, 150g brisket), a 200g potato bun, a 300g chicken breast, four slices of American cheese, six buttermilk onion rings, seven slices of prime shortcut bacon and a handful of coleslaw for good measure.

Oh, and don’t forget the 250g of chips on the side. No prizes for only eating half the meal.

The challenge itself has been attempted by about five or six people, according to the Shack owner Gerry Zomer, with no-one yet completing it under the 30-minute mark.

The closest so far was frustratingly close – 32 minutes.

None of this was a worry to either Santel or Dobrowski who, as professionals, we’re pretty confident in their success.

“I’m pumped, I’m ready to rack up win number 520,” Mr Santel said.

“I reckon I’ll be able to get it done in 15 minutes.”

In the end, not even that was a challenge enough for the man, who ended up polishing off the whole thing in 12 minutes and six seconds.

“The burger was great, everything was cooked to perfection. I’m so happy to have been able to lock this one down,” Mr Santel said.

The food-devouring duo, who run the popular competitive eating channel, are currently touring Australia, taking on any mountainous food challenges outlets are willing to put in front of them.

Jake Cotchin, the chef responsible for creating the Monster Burger, said he wasn’t surprised that two men of the calibre of Dobrowski and Santel would be able to handle the gastronomic object.

“We’ve had a few guys message in, saying it s a girl’s burger, they could easily do it, that type of thing,” he said.

“But so far no-one here’s been able to do it.”

Now that Santel and Dobrowski have bested the burger, though, the gauntlet has been thrown down.

“It’s possible, as you can see, so anyone who’s willing and thinks they can take the challenge on, just call us up and let us know,” Mr Cotchin said.

“It takes a little bit of prep, but if you’re serious about it, we’ll get it ready.”

If you feel capable, head along to the Shack Burger Parlour Facebook page for more details.

Randy Santel and Mitch Dobrowski document their travels extensively; go to their website or the Magic Mitch Eats and Randy Santel Youtube pages