‘Horrendous’ week for animal abuse: RSPCA

It has been a horrendous 48 hours for animals around Western Australia, with concerned members of the community reporting four severe cases of cruelty and neglect around the state to RSPCA WA.

In addition to the sad case of Jack, the dog burnt in Geraldton earlier this week, in the last 48 hours inspectors have had to attend to a puppy bashing south of Perth, an emaciated, injured foal in Bunbury, a cat suffering from extreme neglect in Mandurah and a badly neglected dog with a severe skin condition in Perth’s northeast.

In Bunbury, a RSPCA WA inspector responded to a report of a foal that was left to die in a paddock.

The foal appears to have been emaciated, and had apparently sustained serious injuries and collapsed.

It was found alone in the open paddock. Upon an initial assessment by a local vet, the foal’s condition and injuries were found to be so bad that it was euthanised immediately.

In Mandurah, a RSPCA WA inspector seized a cat that was suffering from large tumours on its head and body, some of which were infested with maggots, seeping pus and bleeding.

The cat was taken to a local vet, where the severity and state of it wounds were determined beyond treatment and it was euthanised.

In all five cases, Inspectors are working to gather evidence that can be used to press charges under the Animal Welfare Act (2002).

“While it is sad that animals are still suffering needlessly, it is heartening to know that the messages about rejecting animal cruelty are getting through,” RSPCA WA chief inspector Amanda Swift said.

“Thank you to the people who took action and reported these acts of cruelty – you are the real heroes.

“The images we have been able to share are hard to look at. But this is the reality of what goes on in our communities, and what the Inspectors are confronted with on a daily basis.

“Each of these cases is heartbreaking but that’s what keeps us going. Every case adds additional pressure but we need you to keep up the good work being our eyes and ears on the ground, and providing a voice for defenceless animals in need.”

Anyone who suspects or witnesses animal cruelty is encouraged to call the RSPCA Cruelty Hotline on 1300 CRUELTY (278 3589).