British India tour: Indie-rockers to bring new vibes and new album to Bunbury

One of Australia’s most cherished rock bands, British India are no stranger to hitting the road and getting out on tour.

The esteemed four-piece also knows its way around Bunbury’s Prince of Wales Hotel, where it will be returning to this November.

But while the band will bring back their same, fun-loving party antics, there will be a fresh batch of tunes for Bunbury lovers of the indie-rock band to explore.

Ahead of the creation of their latest (and sixth) album, Forgetting the Future, the band found themselves at a fork in the road.

They could have continued on with the successful sounds featured on their 2015 record Nothing Touches Me, but in the interest of finding a breath of fresh air the group decided to take a new angle.

As lead guitarist Nic Wilson so eloquently put it, complacency is the death of creativity.

“We felt we were getting a bit complacent and we needed to find a way to refresh ourselves,” he said.

“[Taking a different route] was a challenge, but definitely a fun challenge that I think we all enjoyed.”

The group teamed up with Holy Holy’s Oscar Dawson as their producer, and got to work writing in the studio.

Now, British India will bring “plenty of new stuff” for Bunbury listeners to enjoy.

“There’s a lot more detail in our music now, and we hope, well, we think, people are going to like it,” Wilson said.

“I know when people hear new songs it’s often a case of getting to the bar for another beer, but I think if people stick around to listen to it they’ll really get a feel for the new stuff.”

The band has played countless sets at the Prince in Bunbury, and Wilson laughed about the memories they have of the venue usually consisting of things getting “a little loose”.

“Things always seemed to get a bit loose in Bunbury – the crowd’s always given us good vibes,” he said.

“I always remember the jam jars and ordering pizzas, and it’s always a good time.

“I hear they’ve spruced up the hotel rooms too, so I think we’re mostly pretty psyched for that.”

All in all, British India will hit 32 stops on their national tour, which kicks off in Goulburn on Friday, September 22.

They’ll hit the Prince of Wales in Bunbury on Thursday, November 2. Visit for tickets.