Hormone help is available

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Are you undergoing a fertility program?

Are you taking or considering hormone replacement therapy?

We have been supplying medications for fertility programmes for several years.

Whether you need pessaries, injections, trochés, capsules or tablets, we can help.

We also have ice-packs, insulated bags and other accessories if you need them.

If you are at the menopause or man-o-pause stage in life, don’t fret, help is available.

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The physical and mental symptoms caused by menopause/manopause can be life-changing for some people, but don’t think there isn’t anything you can do about it.

There is plenty you can do to restore your health at this time of life, and Usher Compounding Pharmacy has the compounding specialists equipped to help you.

Usher Compounding Pharmacy use natural hormones like oestrogen and progesterone for Hormone Therapy, derived from plant and animal sources.

Have you had your hormone profile compiled?

Come in today and see us about having your hormone levels checked.

To get in touch with Usher Compounding Pharmacy, call Warren and his team on 9795 7631.