Seven vying for the job of Bunbury Mayor in 2017

The final field of candidates running for the job of Bunbury Mayor in 2017 has been confirmed with seven people vying for the City’s top job. 

Current Mayor Gary Brennan, Deputy Mayor Brendan Kelly, Councillors Betty McCleary and Michelle Steck and community members Ross Slater, Jason Shaw and Zyggi Uchwal have all lodged nominations. 

Here is a look at each candidate in ballot order:

1. Ross Slater

Mr Slater is a former City of Bunbury councillor who ran at the last state election as the One Nation candidate for the seat of Murray-Wellington. He said having served on a number of council committees he has a broad understanding of local government and would restrict future rate rises to the CPI. 

2. Jason Shaw

Mr Shaw said he has has a vision for Bunbury where children have the best opportunities life can offer and he will bring energy and tenacity to the role. He will also celebrate success, respect the past and lead with character. 

3. Gary Brennan

Mr Brennan is a former City of Bunbury chief executive officer and was elected as the City of Bunbury Mayor in 2013. He said in his time as Mayor, the City has reached a sound financial position and a number of major projects have been either completed or started. 

4. Michelle Steck

A current City of Bunbury councillor, Ms Steck has a proven record of accountable governance and getting things done. She said Bunbury needs stronger fiscal management to keep rates at a minimum and stronger community pride. 

5. Brendan Kelly

The current Deputy Mayor of Bunbury, Mr Kelly has said he has proven leadership credentials and a broad network ready to get things done. He said Bunbury’s main challenge and greatest opportunity is to create a strong and positive community by communicating openly, getting involved and sharing ideas and expertise.

6. Zyggi Uchwal

Mr Uchwal has lived in Bunbury for 30 years and has a dream for the City that allows citizens and business to grow. He said he is against unnecessary spending, rate rises and unnecessary borrowing. 

7. Betty McCleary

A councillor of four years, Mrs McCleary is also a mother of two, a qualified nurse, a gym instructor and a former chief executive officer of the Arthritis Foundation. She said as Mayor her primary concern would be to ensure responsible governance and to champion sustainable, innovative development.