Launcesotn Church Grammar hosts Woofer World Cup daschund race 2017 | photos, video

It was all paws on deck at Launceston Church Grammar’s Spring Fair for the Woofers World Cup, seeing a collection of Launceston’s finest Daschunds race through two speedy heats to take out the title of fastest Daschund in the North.

Launceston local Red took out the ultimate honour, racing straight down the long course for chewy snacks and glory.

Close behind was Yuki, a long-haired glory who ran with complete focus – unlike some fellow competitors, who chose to take a pause or two and sniff the grass, bark at each other, or just amble back to their owners for some pats.

Following the intensive competition, competitors put their best snout forward for the Dash-ions on the Field competition, won by Pippa for her striking Madonna-inspired outfit. 

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