2017 SWFL: Annual dinner celebrates umpire awards ahead of the grand final

The South West Football League Umpires Association hosted their annual awards dinner at Bunbury Trotting Club on Friday night with a number chosen to officiate the weekend’s grand finals. 

In 2017, 21 new umpires joined the South West ranks with four chosen to represent the region as umpires in the WA v SA country state match at Fremantle Oval. 

As always the night starts with a little infamy. Unfortunately Keith Fay was overseas and unable to collect the Wood Duck of the Year award in person. 

Matt Chernabaeff was presented with the President’s award in recognition of his successful transition from player to umpire while Matt Devenish won the Ray Pulford Rising Star award. 

Alyx Magill was presented with the coaches award by Peter Franklin before Neville Millar named Umpire Association President Jason Crowe as the Club Person of the Year.  

A highlight of the night saw WA Football Commission South West regional development manager Glenn Omodei given the honour of presenting Ray Pulford with a lifetime achievement award for his many years of service. 

As the prestige of the night increased, Brian Feutrill was named Boundary Umpire of the Year, Jason Crowe accepted the Goal Umpire of the Year award and Aaron Andrews won a second consecutive Field Umpire of the Year award.  

The evening concluded with the naming of the 2017 SWFL grand final umpires. 



Vance Burton, 182nd game, third colts grand final

Cameron Edmonds, 260th game, second colts grand final

Matt Chernabaeff, 27th game, first colts grand final

Matt Stewart, Emergency


Adam Cronin, 69th game, second colts grand final

Lilah Edmonds, 36th game, first colts grand final

Allivia Pyne, 190th game, third colts grand final


Michael Hastie, 629th game, third colts grand final

Robbie Fay, 25th game, first colts grand final 



Glenn Omodei, 60th game, first reserves grand final

Damien O’Donoghue, 111th game, second reserves grand final

Michael Hearne, 164th game, first reserves grand final

Matt Stewart, Emergency


Zac Baker, 43rd game, second reserves grand final

Jack Gibellini, 41st game, first reserves grand final

Yarno Pyne, 18th game, first reserves grand final


Glenn Swann, 318th game, fourth reserves grand final

Katrina Edwards, 371st game, second reserves grand final



Adam Hauswirth, 86th game, third league grand final

Shane Millar, 272nd game, third league grand final

Aaron Andrews, 239th game, third league grand final

Kevin Hutchins, Emergency


Brian Feutrill, 124th game, fifth league grand final

Jarrad Andrews, 211th game, seventh league grand final

Zac Peachey, 98th game, first league grand final

Zac Trigwell, 64th game, first league grand final


Matt Devenish, 81st game, first league grand final (the youngest ever SWFL league goal umpire at just 15 years old). 

Jason Crowe, 768th game, 15th league grand final (the all-time SWFL record holder)