Australind Junior Soccer Club's sides deliver impressive 2017 season results

The Australind Junior Soccer Club has celebrated impressive results against some of Perth’s toughest sides over the 2017 season. 

In its inaugural season, the club’s Under 12s side finished champions of the Smarter Than Smoking South Division Three league, gaining the opportunity for promotion. 

The side went on to beat Port Kennedy 2-1 in the Grand Final.

The under 14s side won the Smarter Than Smoking South Division One competition and also gained promotion. 

The side lost its semi-final clash on penalties. 

Australind Junior Soccer Club committee member and U14s coach Julian Vassay said the teams “exceeded expectations” throughout the year. 

“Essentially it’s like an internal extension for everyone who wanted a bit more, if you like, and it’s always been about the development of them,” he said. 

“Any trophies, silverware, that kind of thing that was always going to be fruit on the tree so for that to happen as well is tremendous.”

Mr Vassay noted the club received feedback from umpires, officials, coaches and parents praising the teams’ conduct on and off the pitch. 

“For me, first and foremost, they can win all the cups they like but that’s pretty special,” he said. 

Last year, the then under 13s side was moved from division three to two after three weeks, before shooting to the top of the ladder with 13 wins and two draws. 

The side went on to clinch a 2-0 win over Perth Hills united in the grand final. 

Mr Vassay stated the club’s ethos was based on playing well and showing sportsmanlike behaviour simultaneously. 

“I think it underlines the health of the club and what the club stands for, there’s always a big conversation about participation and competition and I have always been of the belief we should strive for both, and that’s the club’s belief,” he said.

“It’s hard work trying to accommodate both but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a go.”