The City of Bunbury council approves WA iSports site re-location at Payne Park

The City of Bunbury has officially approved the change of site location for WA iSports incorporated in East Bunbury. 

The council voted unanimously in last week’s council meeting for WA iSports Incorporated’s Deed of Lease to change site location from portion of Lot 100 Thomas Street, Payne Park to a portion of Lot 100, Herbert Road. 

City of Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan said WA iSports contributed to Bunbury’s sporting and community assistance services. 

“It’s a fantastic organisation, they have been around for a little while, they were affiliated with a different group and they’ve changed over,” he said.  

“They are a great group of volunteers, parents, friends, supporters, there’s a church group that’s involved – Dreambuilders Church group – that’s helping them with the physical structure to be erected at Payne Park.

“The idea is they enjoy their physical activities, it’s also a really nice social venue for the members to get together so it’s an important part of our community.” 

Mr Brennan noted the plan would move the WA iSports Incorporated’s facilities closer to the Bunbury Football Club Clubrooms and other buildings at Payne Park.