Bunbury couple celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary

When he was 22, David Shales was at the beach on Jersey, playing soccer with his friends.

He spotted Gladys relaxing with her friends and knew immediately that he would spend his life with her. 

“I told them the minute I saw her, ‘that’s the woman I’m going to marry’,” David said. 

Luckily for David, Gladys was equally besoted with the ‘bronzed hunk’ who got chatting to her. 

With Gladys representing Jersey in netball, they bonded over sport and were engaged before the year was out, eventually marrying on October 10, 1957. 

Three lovely children and 24 years living in Bunbury later, the devoted couple celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary on Saturday at the Quality Hotel Lighthouse. 

The Diamonds Are Forever themed event saw friends and family dressed in bow-ties, bling and sipping martinis to celebrate the happy couple’s milestone. 

They also received messages of congratulations from Queen Elizabeth, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Governor General Peter Cosgrove.

The loved-up pair agreed the secret to a happy marriage is give and take along with genuine care and affection for each other. 

“It’s so important to be loving and caring,” Gladys said. 

“David and I share everything and still kiss each other goodnight every night without fail.”