Bunbury to host Australia's largest Pink Floyd concept show

Band hype: Echoes of Pink Floyd will perform at the Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre in November. Photo: Supplied.
Band hype: Echoes of Pink Floyd will perform at the Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre in November. Photo: Supplied.

Australia’s largest Pink Floyd concept show is excited to deliver its new “experience” for Bunbury audiences. 

Echoes of Pink is coming to the Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre for one performance on Friday, November 10 from 8pm. 

The group’s two-hour concert production is stopping in Bunbury as part of its latest tour of Australia. 

The event marks 35 years since Pink Floyd last toured its influential, high concept 1979 album The Wall and 50 years since the release of the band’s first album.  

The group features lead vocalist Matt Goodluck, lead guitarist Daniel Hunter, drummer Jason Miller, bassist Mark Dole, keyboardist Paul Bindig, and acoustic guitarist Mark MacNab.

Goodluck is confident the show pays tribute to Pink Floyd’s influence on modern music.

“We’re getting to go out and play something that we really all love and getting to tour the country is pretty special because not every band gets to have that privilege, so taking this music to audiences around the country is a real privilege,” he said. 

“We often make a point of meeting up with audience members after the show and having a chat with them and we get a lot of really positive feedback from audiences all over, some people are almost in tears, saying: ‘You took me back to a time and place where that music first meant something to me’.” 

Along with performing Pink Floyd’s seminal tracks, Echoes of Pink Floyd is inviting the Bunbury Repertory Club to embody the ‘Brick in the Wall’ choir on stage. 

The performance also utilises a four metre light circle to project 6000 lumens video.  

Goodluck said the group constantly updated the show’s set-list and visual elements to keep audiences on their toes. 

The tour marks a long time coming for the ensemble, having played over 5000 hours of rehearsal time over the past few years. 

 “When you’re spending so much time together it’s about how to understand and respect each of those different personalities, appreciate what each person brings to the picture and also respect the differences as well,” he said. 

Goodluck admitted he relished the opportunity working with Pink Floyd’s progressive music and lyrics. 

“I never imagined I would be doing something like this so it is a real privilege,” he said. 

“We’re actually playing music that we genuinely love and we’re playing to great audiences all around the country that really want to see this stuff so that’s a real rare quality to have.” 

Head to the BREC website, https://www.bunburyentertainment.com/, for more information.