Bunbury's #BlackMonday gathering raises awareness of crime in South Africa

Bunbury’s South African community has come together as part of the internationally-recognised #BlackMonday campaign. 

The group – comprising 40 to 50 mourners – came together at Leschenault inlet on Thursday, November 2. 

The event reflected on the farmers and families whom were killed, raped or tortured in South Africa.

Group members wore black shirts (a symbol of the initiative) and held posters and signs. 

Bunbury Reformed Evangelical Church pastor Gawie Cloete led the group in prayer and discussed the campaign’s significance. 

The event marked the first official gathering of Bunbury’s contingent of South Africans. 

Many of the participants were part of the South Africans in Bunbury Facebook group. 

#BlackMonday gatherings took place across the world last week. 

The international protests shed light on atrocities committed in the African nation, with dozens of white farmers killed each year. 

Protest group co-organiser Amanda Meyer said the protest raised awareness over the horrific acts inflicted upon white farmers and families in the country. 

Group member Denise Serino said the issue struck a chord with South African people around the globe. 

Mrs Serino said it made everyone in the group feel grateful for Australia’s safety and security. 

She said the initiative also illustrated the power of prayer. 

Lobby group AfriForum recorded 334 white farmers were attacked in 2016, while 64 of those were killed. 

AfriForum also recorded 115 attacks and 64 fatalities in 2010, 96 attacks and 48 deaths in 2011, and 174 attacks and 53 murders in 2012.