Newton Moore Senior High School engineering students qualify for F1 in Schools National Championships

Track side: Students Harry Smith, Kage Geyer, Bonnie Cook, Jordan Neill and Brodie Cook. Photo: Thomas Munday.
Track side: Students Harry Smith, Kage Geyer, Bonnie Cook, Jordan Neill and Brodie Cook. Photo: Thomas Munday.

Newton Moore Senior High School's engineering specialist class students are gearing up for next year’s F1 in Schools National Championships.  

The school’s F1 in Schools professional class recently picked up the Best Verbal Presentation and the Innovation Award at this year’s state titles in October. 

The team also clinched second overall, receiving the National Final Wildcard and entry into the National Finals in Tasmania. 

The development class received the State Encouragement Award. 

The program requires students to build a scale Formula 1 car to race against teams from other Western Australian schools. 

Groups have to also create a free-standing booth with graphics, organise sponsors and funding, and design the vehicles using computer programs. 

Team manager Bonnie Cook has been involved for the past three years. 

She said the class provided rewarding opportunities and kept students actively engaged. 

“There’s a lot of hard work, planning, and working with lots of people to get the finished product, but it’s really good during that few days of competition and seeing it all come together,” she said. 

“It needs to be managed really carefully because things can go wrong, so you need to draft things, test the cars, proofread all of the work etc. 

“We’re pretty good friends, all of us, and we work really well, the teachers are really supportive and they have always been there to help and guide us.” 

Fellow program participant Kage Geyer, planning to study engineering after high school, said the class provided a comprehensive education. 

Newton Moore SHS head of science Lorraine Ellis said the class was part of the school’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics program. 

Ms Ellis said F1 in Schools and STEM courses provided an insight into real-life experiences. 

“They get to develop their own skills but they get to share their experiences with each other and come up with a product that they are really proud of,” she said.

“The skills they develop are transferable and can be built upon.” 

F1 in Schools has been part Newton Moore SHS’s curriculum since 2013. 

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