From the editor: Discover Kimberley's delights

It's easy, in this era of easy travel, to be tempted by the wealth of overseas travel destinations available to us rather than to consider those in our own backyard.

But once we arrive in one of the many remarkable Australian destinations we invariably ask ourselves, "what took me so long?"

One such destination is the Kimberley region of Western Australia and Traveller is proud to showcase its untold wonders in this bonus eight-page guide, produced in partnership with APT and Extraordinary Western Australia.

I've been fortunate enough to visit the Kimberley on several occasions - with still so much left to see and experience - with the spectacle of the red dirt of the desert merging with the turquoise water of the ocean forever etched in my memory.

Should you visit the Kimberley, which I strongly recommend you do, you'll be in the best of hands with APT as a member of its renowned small group tours led by expert guides.

APT boasts an unrivalled 40 years and more of experience in this underrated, exotic corner of Australia through its various touring by land and sea itineraries as well, what's more, three APT-exclusive wilderness lodges in key locations.

In the meantime, we hope we inspire you with this special guide.


Traveller editor