Jail demand over alleged Bali sunglasses theft

Prosecutors have called for Perth man Thomas Harman to be jailed for six months after he allegedly stole a $400 pair of Gucci sunglasses from a Bali airport duty free shop.

The 31-year-old from Nedlands walked away with the sunglasses on July 30 after trying them on at an IDP shop at the international terminal.

Mr Harman's lawyer, Erwin Siregar, had previously claimed his client's actions had been unintentional because of a "fear of flying".

On Monday he said the prosecutors' request was "quite high" and there were things that needed to be taken into consideration.

"Our client has admitted, has apologized, the company has forgiven him," Mr Siregar said.

Prosecutor Made Ayu Citra Maya Sari said Mr Harman tried the glasses on at the display counter and then took them off and walked out of the shop.

She said he then changed from a crocodile print T-shirt into black singlet and placed the sunglasses inside his backpack.

"The store staff missed it at the time. His actions were caught on CCTV," Ms Maya Sari said.

Ms Maya Sari called on the presiding judges to find Mr Harman guilty of theft and sentence him to six months' jail, minus time already served.

She said his act had caused loss to the IDP shop and created restlessness in the community.

However she acknowledged he regretted his actions and his apology had been accepted by the shop.

Mr Siregar said that when security found his bag Mr Harman tried to pay double for the sunglasses but the shop refused to accept the money.

"But even though they were like that they said they forgive my client."

Previously he described the case as "very simple" and said Mr Harman felt anxiety before flying.

He also said a search revealed the value of the sunglasses was only equivalent to $US150 but the price was high because the shop was at the airport.

Mr Siregar's former high profile Australian clients include convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby and Sara Connor, who was found guilty of the group fatal assault of a Bali police officer.

Mr Harman, who holds an Australian and British passport, apologised to the court and said he wanted to go home soon.

He told head judge Ida Ayu Nyoman Adnya Dewi that he regretted what he had done.

Mr Harman will be sentenced on Tuesday.

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