WA's Jordon Steele-John confirmed as Australia's youngest senator

Baldivis student Jordon Steele-John has officially become Australia's youngest senator after the High Court announced he would replace Senator Scott Ludlam on Friday morning.

The 23-year-old disability rights activist was third on the Greens' Senate ticket at last year's election and said it was a privilege to add his name to those who had represented WA in Federal Parliament.

"The future belongs to young people. We must be represented in our Parliament," Mr Steele-John said.

"There is a very large group of people who will now have a voice that truly understands and represents their interests."

Australian Greens Leader Senator Richard Di Natale welcomed Mr Steele-John's knowledge to the Senate.

"Jordon will bring his lived experience and years of advocacy for people living with disabilities into the halls of Parliament and will make an incredible contribution to the Greens, WA and the nation," she said.

Mr Steele-John expressed his gratitude for the opportunity and indentified rights for those with a disability as a priority.

"Over the course of my life I've learned that to be a young person with a disability in contemporary Australia is to occupy the intersection of some of our society's most ingrained myths and most damaging preconceptions," he said.

"At every opportunity I've worked hard to bust these myths, challenge these preconceived ideas and be a strong voice for the issues that matter to me, which include: ensuring we fully fund and implement a world class NDIS, having young people involved in the decisions that affect them, and the transition to a renewable, clean energy future."

Mr Steele-John detailed climate change and youth unemployment as key issues, in a promotional video on Facebook.

"We need to care for the most vulnerable people in our society and we need to make sure the world we pass onto our children is better than what we found when we were born."

Mr Steele-John will take a break from studying politics at Macquarie University to fulfil his role.

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