BBA 2017/18 rd 7: Tornadoes Black win derby clash with Tornadoes Red

The Busselton Bullets were commanding in their 2017 BBA round seven win over Bulls.
The Busselton Bullets were commanding in their 2017 BBA round seven win over Bulls.

Tornadoes Black has held onto second in the Bunbury Basketball Association men’s competition following a two-point victory over Tornadoes Red. 

The derby clash saw Tornadoes Red start promisingly and capitalise on Jay Walton’s form. 

Tornadoes Red led throughout the second term, before high scorers Nat Van Dijk (29) and Carey Watkins put Tornadoes Black in front by half time.

Tornadoes Red caught up in the final term, pushing the game into overtime. 

Tornadoes Black rallied to take home a 97 to 95 win. 

The Busselton Bullets sit fourth after eclipsing Aces White in a tough clash. 

Joshua England (19) and Travis Vogel (27) assisted in Aces White’s first-quarter dominance. 

Both sides fought for the win, with England, Beau Chinnery and Harry Mooney receiving five personal fouls each. 

Busselton –  thanks to Matthew Mansfield (16) and Bill Dobbin (15) – showed Aces White little mercy to lead by 13 at half time. 

The Bullets maintained a comfortable lead in the second half, leading to a 77 to 69 win. 

In the women’s competition, the Bulls held on to top spot with a convincing victory over Busselton. 

Bulls’ players Georgia Denehy (20) and Bianca Donovan (17) ensured their side’s dominance from the outset. 

The Bulls ran out to a 30-point margin in the fourth quarter, leading to a 72 to 40 victory. 

Tornadoes Red made light work of Tornadoes Black in their showdown. 

Tornadoes Red kept their rivals to two points throughout the first quarter, before hitting a 33-point lead at the main break. 

Reds’ players Tahya Burrows (23) and Raya Thompson (17) starred in their side’s 68 to 41 result.