New Plus Fitness 24/7 gym in Dalyellup to focus on lifestyle changes

Tim McDougall’s outside Plus Fitness 24/7 Dalyellup.
Tim McDougall’s outside Plus Fitness 24/7 Dalyellup.

A new community-based gym has had a great response from Dalyellup local since it recently opened its doors. 

Plus Fitness 24/7 Dalyellup recently came to fruition as a result of a business partnership between BHR Papalia director Brian Hotker and friend Tim McDougall. 

Mr Hotker said that the idea for the gym came about when Mr McDougall was talking about growing his personal training business.

“He’s pretty heavily involved in the lifestyle side of things, practising mindfulness, meditation and yoga, and training his body and mind,” Mr Hotker said.

“Tim wanted to expand his business as a personal trainer. I suggested to him that he needed a gym as a base to do that, and that conversation kept going for quite a few months before I said to him, do you want me to go halves?

“So we had a little bit of a laugh about that, and he came back a few days later and said, were you serious? I said we can be. He found a great location and the franchise and we spent the next two years setting it up.”

Plus Fitness 24/7 is a community-based gym, which is set up for the ordinary person seeking to lose some weight, gain a bit of self-esteem, get fitter and make a lifestyle change, rather than body builders or people who are training for competitions.

“It’s relatively inexpensive, we don’t have lock in contracts, and if people are injured or away on holidays, they can put their membership on time hold,” Mr Hotker said.

“We also provide access to free classes such as Meta Fit and Boxercise.”

Mr Hotker said that the gym had been very well received in its first month, and they were employing three qualified personal trainers in addition to Tim.

“The response has been incredible,” he said. “The main comment from people is they don’t have far to travel now. We’ve got a lot of first timers getting into an exercise regime.”

The pair said that depending on the success of this enterprise, they may look at setting up gyms in other locations.