Sarah Paulson was warned over 'unconventional' relationship

In recent times actress Sarah Paulson has moved from strength to strength, but there was a time where she was warned her relationship would affect her "career negatively".

In an interview with The Edit, the 42-year-old American Horror Story star said she never worried about balancing her professional life and private relationship with 74-year-old actress girlfriend Holland Taylor until people told her to "be careful".

"Early on, when people found out I was with [Taylor], some said, 'I think you have to be careful, I'm afraid it's going to affect your career negatively,'" she said.

"I was like, what? It never occurred to me at all."

Despite the commencing their relationship in 2015, negative comments did impact on Paulson going public with it for some time.

It was only during her Emmy acceptance speeches last year for her portrayals in American Horror Story and The People v O.J Simpson that she spontaneously decided to say, "Holland Taylor, I love you."

"It occurred to me, 'Should I not?' And then I thought, 'Why would I not?'

"The fact I'm having this thought is wrong. But I had a moment of societal concern; wondering if, maybe, people who didn't know that about me would be like, 'Wait what?' But then, you know I did it anyway."

Although she admits it's somewhat "unconventional" to date someone 32 years older, she wouldn't have it any other way.

"I'm with a much older person and people find that totally fascinating and odd," she said, before saying her relationship was the least interesting thing about her. "But I do feel unconventional. I am a woman of a certain age who chose not to have children and who has made my career my priority."

The star also revealed that she has the support of some A-list girl pals, including Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling, Sandra Bullock Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Awkwafina and Rihanna, her fellow cast mates in the upcoming Ocean's Eight.

And Paulson is not looking for anyone's approval anytime soon on ways to live her life.

"I am the captain of my own ship, and I've never looked to anyone else to validate that, or tell me it's okay."

This story Sarah Paulson was warned over 'unconventional' relationship first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.