ABC Radio Canberra's Genevieve Jacobs signs off for the last time

ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr presented outgoing Mornings host Genevieve Jacobs with flowers on Friday morning following their final Chief Minister's Talkback together.

Jacobs' signed off for the final time from ABC Radio Canberra on Friday after 11 years with the broadcaster.

She revealed earlier this month that she was leaving the ABC against her wishes after being told by management "her services were no longer required on air".

The ABC has remained vague about the reasons for Ms Jacobs no longer being required, other than the desire to refresh the on-air line-up.

Mr Barr praised Ms Jacobs, acknowledging they had experienced their share of tense interviews, but also that she had been a passionate voice for Canberra and the region.

"Chief Minister's Talkback won't be the same," he said.

Current Drive presenter Adam Shirley will be hosting Mornings in 2018. The ABC has been asked if Chief Minister's Talkback will return next year, with a reply pending.

A petition to keep Ms Jacobs at the ABC on Friday had been signed by 1441 people.

A subdued Ms Jacobs thanked listeners for their well wishes and the hundreds of text messages she had received supporting her.

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