2017's most awkward TV moments

Whether it was Lisa Wilkinson's shock exit from the Today show, or discovering that people can't get enough of ripped athletes traversing obstacle courses, 2017 has been an extraordinary year in television.

But that doesn't mean it's been smooth sailing for the nation's television presenters. Aussie TV has been awash with potty mouths, failing technology and unfortunate tumbles over the past 12 months.

Here are some of 2017's most awkward television moments.

Julie Snook and Amber Sherlock. Photo: Nine News

Julie Snook and Amber Sherlock. Photo: Nine News

1. Jacketgate

Nine News presenter Amber Sherlock caused quite the stir back in January after an awkward off-air exchange with colleague Julie Snook.

The footage, which was leaked to industry website Mumbrella, showed Sherlock berating her fellow Nine presenter for also wearing white.

"I need Julie to put a jacket on, because we're all in white," she said during an ad break. "I asked her before we came on. Julie, you need to put a jacket on."

Snook replied that she'd been "flat out" and didn't have time to change.

"Come on, I told you," Sherlock snapped. "I told you two hours ago."

The Nine presenter later said she felt "everyone massively overreacted" to the incident.

2. Natasha Exelby's on-air blooper

Former ABC presenter Natasha Exelby brought a smile to many people's lips in April after a hilarious clip of her playing with her pen - and her shocked expression when she released the camera was rolling - went viral.

However, the giggles turned to dismay after it was revealed the national broadcaster subsequently removed the journalist from future presenting roles. Fellow broadcasters protested by sharing their own stuff-ups on social media under the hashtag #PutYourBloopersOut.

3. Erin Molan falling off her chair

Channel Nine sports presenter Erin Molan was also the victim of a live TV blooper earlier this year. While reading the 6pm news bulletin, the Footy Show host fell off her chair, swore and spilled water on herself.

"I've just fallen off my chair," she told viewers. "I'm all good."

4. The Loop's awkward New Year's countdown

Channel Eleven's The Loop thought it would be a good idea to stage an awkward New Year's Eve countdown.

The audience members' deadpan expressions as the clock struck midnight generated headlines across the globe. The awkwardness of it all didn't stop there, with co-host Scott Tweedie lapping up the publicity and appearing on Studio 10to confirm that - yes - the whole thing was a set-up.

While the low-rating program certainly tricked some media outlets, the joke fell flat.

5. Schapelle Corby giving TV crews the slip

Convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby made television crews look like fools when she returned to Australia for the first time in almost 13 years.

She avoided the media after changing her flight at the last minute and being whisked away from Brisbane Airport among a convoy of eight black vans. The Queenslander then proceeded to taunt camera crews on social media while they picketed her family's home for days on end.

6. Georgie Tunny's reaction after Mitch Austin exited live interview

Awkward moments on breakfast TV aren't just for the commercial networks.

In October, ABC sports presenter Georgie Tunny was left stunned after Melbourne Victory's Mitch Austin walked off set during a live interview.

"We've just lost Mitch," she said.

Virginia Trioli and Paul Kennedy later explained that Austin had suffered a "bit of a panic attack".

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