Bunbury Mail journalist Thomas Munday looks ahead to 2018

My time as a journalist has delivered some interesting experiences. Having lived and studied in Perth, I moved to Collie and spent 18 months at the local paper. 

September saw me move from Collie to report for the Bunbury Mail. 

Since then, I have been working out of our Blair Street office while exploring everything the Greater Bunbury region has to offer. 

On my second day in Bunbury, I witnessed the City of Bunbury council make a major decision to lift the Koombana Bay Footbridge.

Soon after, I saw the people of Bunbury vote to keep Gary Brennan as Mayor for another four years.

Meanwhile, since the 2017 state election shook up the state, MLAs Don Punch and Mick Murray have fought to assist the community. 

Bunbury’s CBD has been the setting for some extraordinary events. 

The Freedom of Entry and White Ribbon marches were thought-provoking, while the City of Bunbury Christmas Street Parade was a profoundly happy occasion. 

Among these major events, I have seen and reported on everything from court cases, car crashes, sporting achievements and stories of community pride. 

It is this range that pushes me to get up in the morning, head into work, and head home at the end of the day...all with a smile on my face. 

The year is drawing to a close. Many events around the world have made us question what direction we are heading in. 

Those in journalism push and stretch themselves to get the stories out there. 

From the positive tales of hope to the ‘doom and gloom’ stories, we’re committed to telling the truth in painstaking detail. 

In the new year, Bunbury looks set to be inundated with amazing community and sporting events.

My colleague Emily Sharp and I are determined to be on the scene and focusing on the conversation. 

Through good and bad, I have confidence the Bunbury Mail team can make a difference in 2018. 

We wish everyone all the best this holiday season, and look forward to seeing you around the place. 

Make sure to protect one another and stay safe in the new year. 

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