Hip hop extravaganza Mad Planet Showcase to reach Bunbury

Bunbury will soon witness some of the country’s best up-and-coming hip hop acts battling it out on stage. 

Mad Fap Entertainment is bringing the seventh Mad Planet Showcase to our shores for the Battle of Bunbury. 

The experience, hitting the Prince of Wales Hotel on Friday, January 12, features performances from Perth emcees including Bace Kadet, Bluntfield, Penny Purr, Azmatik, Alta and Bowzer Destroyer of Worlds.

The event also includes the Battle Roast Championships – with roasting, freestyle and battle rap.

The night concludes with an open mic section, made for anyone in the crowd brave enough to give it a go. 

The show is a mixture of not just rappers but local comedians in WA and performers who have got the gift of gab.

Paul Burnfield

Mad Fap Entertainment promoter Paul Burnfield was confident the night would play to Bunbury’s hip hop/rap crowd. 

“It should be good vibes, I went there after Seth Sentry in June and it was pretty wild,” he said. 

“It was on a Thursday night and I was pretty surprised by the energy, people got really loose and I thought: ‘I would like to come back here’.

“The show is a mixture of not just rappers but local comedians in WA and performers who have got the gift of gab.”  

Mr Burnfield said touring provided an opportunity to explore the rest of the state. 

“Even while growing up, I have always liked the idea of going on tour,” he said. 

“It just looked like a whole bunch of fun and if you have a good crew together then it is just good vibes.

“WA is pretty spread out but I know areas like Bunbury and Margaret River have really good party communities.”

Burnfield first got into hip hop in the mid 2000s, and has noticed massive changes in Australia’s rap scene between then and now.

“It’s no longer that singular Aussie sound, people are taking chances and Australian hip hop has never been more popular than it is now,” he said. 

Visit princehotel.com.au for more information on the venue’s upcoming gigs.