A 23-year-old man was charged after sitting on a roof to evade police

A 23-year-old Usher man was arrested and charged after sitting on the roof of a Glen Iris property to evade Bunbury Police. 

The man allegedly climbed onto the Corkwood Street residence around 8pm on Friday, January 12.

Police had attempted to execute an arrest warrant before the incident occurred.  

Officers then surrounded the house while attempting to talk him down. 

One witness said fire crews were called upon to help get the man down from the roof. 

Meanwhile, police were forced to tell several neighbouring residents to be quiet. 

Officers cordoned off the street and shined a spotlight on the man during the ordeal. 

He was then taken into custody several hours later. 

The man was charged with threatening to kill, stealing, obstructing public officers and no authority to drive. 

He will appear in Bunbury Magistrates Court on Wednesday, April 11.