Damian Callinan returns to Bunbury with Swing Man - A Boogie Woogie Mid-life Crisis

Fringe festival delight: Comedian Damian Callinan is bringing his new show to Bunbury next month. Photo: Supplied.
Fringe festival delight: Comedian Damian Callinan is bringing his new show to Bunbury next month. Photo: Supplied.

One of Australia’s most popular and prolific performers is putting a new twist on his style ahead of his trip to Bunbury. 

Melbourne actor/writer/comedian Damian Callinan’s new show, Swing Man – A Boogie Woogie Mid-life Crisis, slides into Bunbury’s Fringe Hub on February 16 and 17.

The show centres on the comic suffering from a rare affliction – Over The Top Dance Syndrome. 

Callinan takes audiences on a journey through adolescence, life-changing decisions and all things swing dance related. 

“I had been wanting to learn how to swing dance for quite a few years and just could not fit it into my schedule,” he said. 

“I then thought: ‘Well, if I do a show about it, then I will have to’, it was a particular challenge because I was not only writing the show but I could only write it at the speed at which I was learning how to swing dance.” 

Callinan said, having performed at last year’s Bunbury Fringe, he was looking forward to re-acquainting himself with South West fans. 

“It was a real surprise packet, that festival – we were stuck out the back of a surf shop but it strangely works really well,” he said. 

“Having a Fringe festival in a town like Bunbury is kind of on another level, really.

“The level of enthusiasm from the audience, and the way they embrace it, takes the show to another level.” 

Last year, one of the comedian’s acclaimed shows, The Merger, got the green light to be turned into a feature film, scheduled for release midway through 2018.

The movie’s development saw Callinan juggle producing and touring duties.  

The comic is sticking with stand-up in 2018 and will hit the Perth, Adelaide, and Melbourne comedy festival scenes.

“By the time you get to the end of April you feel like you have already lived 12 months, so it is pretty full on,” he said.

In discussing his exhaustive schedule and array of talents, Callinan said he was happy to remain busy. 

“The variety is what makes it great, if you put a gun to my head I would probably choose live performing but it’s pretty hard to top being on a film set, with something you have written and with 100 people running around making it happen,” he said.

“It’s a matter of keeping the plates spinning on all fronts.”

Check out bunburyfringe.com for more information on Callinan, Swing Man and other events.