Withers residents outraged by crime in Davenport Way

Residents in one area of Withers fear going out at night after continuous anti-social behaviour around a unit complex for over 55s.

The residents are now calling for answers after two cars were graffitied in the early hours of Friday, February 2. 

One car, a grey Toyota Yaris, had ‘Blood BMW’ scrawled in red spray paint across its passenger side windows. 

The other car, a blue Daewoo Nubira, had ‘BMW BMJW’ sprayed on its bonnet as well as a crude drawing of male genitalia scrawled onto the windshield in silver spray paint. 

The cars were parked next to one another in two parking bays within a block of over 55s’ units in Davenport Way. 

Residents later found used red and silver spray cans laying on the ground in neighbouring street Hooper Place.

Family members of the victims called the police and Department of Communities on Friday. 

Two residents, living in the block of units, said they had heard suspicious noises outside their homes during the early hours of Friday morning. 

The graffiti incident is reportedly just one of many issues faced by residents, with many having suffered slashed tires, smashed windows and their bins being kicked over with rubbish strewn over the road. 

One resident said many of those living in the complex feared going outside at night. 

“All you need to do is come here for a couple of nights and witness it,” they said. 

One man, who has lived in Davenport Way over the past six years, said the issue has steadily escalated. 

Those living in and around the block of units believe lights and security cameras should be placed in the vicinity to prevent further disturbances.  

One resident suggested a fence across the front of the premises to prevent people wandering in after dark. 

All you need to do is come here for a couple of nights and witness it.

A Withers resident

The group has planned to discuss the issue with Federal Member for Forrest Nola Marino.

Bunbury Police Officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Mal Jones has urged anyone with information about the graffiti incident to contact Bunbury Police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. 

Member for Bunbury Don Punch MLA said he, the police and the City were thoroughly pursuing the issue. 

“I am aware of the crime issues being experienced by residents of Davenport Way and have been in contact with both the Police and the City of Bunbury on their behalf,” he said. 

“I understand the City of Bunbury has made application for additional CCTV cameras in Withers and that this application has been support by the Bunbury Police. 

“Additional CCTV cameras are a tool that can assist with an immediate response to crime in Withers but we need long term solutions to the underlying social issues in the area.”

Mr Punch was confident he, the City and Withers residents could work together to resolve problems plaguing the area. 

“From my discussions I am confident the Police and government departments are aware of the issues in Withers, but I understand community concerns and will assist to arrange a public meeting with key stakeholders to allow people to raise those concerns directly,” he said. 

“The social issues in Withers are very complex. The Bunbury Development Committee will identify key opportunities to positively impact on the suburb and I am in regular contact with Ministers about ways we can take a proactive approach in Withers.” 

Department of Communities Assistant Director General (Housing) Greg Cash said its regional office had not received any complaints about noise or vandalism from Davenport WAY residents relating to other public housing tenancies. 

“The office has received some reports of problems with children living external to the complex. It is not known whether they live in public or private housing,” he said.

“Such instances should be reported to the WA Police or council rangers as the department can only act on complaints directly related to a tenancy.”