Man charged after trading stolen bike into Cash Converters

A 32-year-old man’s ‘silly mistake’ has cost him more than $2000. 

David Lance Eades attended Bunbury Magistrates Court on Thursday, February 1, pleading guilty to one count of gaining benefits by fraud. 

Police prosecutor Sergeant Greg Ward told the court Eades had traded a stolen mongoose bike into Cash Converters on May 1, 2017. 

Eades told police he had been “given the bike by some boys”. 

The defense said Eades had regretted his decision and would never do it again. 

Magistrate Evan Shackleton reminded Eades the bike had been taken from an unlucky member of the public at the beach. 

Eades was fined $2000, charged $190.85 in court costs and $30 in reparations.