Man's prison sentence extended after trespassing incident in College Grove

A man who jumped into a backyard in College Grove to evade police has had his existing prison sentence extended. 

Barry Leslie faced Bunbury Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to trespassing and obstructing police officers. 

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Barry Phelps told the court Leslie drove to College Grove around 7.20am on October 24, 2017 following an incident at Bunbury Regional Hospital.

Leslie then jumped over the fence and into the backyard of 27 Lakeside Drive at 7.55am. 

Police arrived and placed Leslie on the ground. He then became physically aggressive while being arrested. 

Leslie did not wish to say anything to Magistrate Belinda Coleman. 

Ms Coleman took Leslie’s guilty pleas into account while handing down the sentence. 

Leslie was given a global term of two months, concurrent with his current six year sentence.